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All of Me Book Club

The book was one of the very best and moving auto-biographies I've ever read about a celebrity. It was done magnificently. I have never known a lot about Anne, but she put her life story in such beautiful detail, I love it. Thank you for taking the time to write you life story. You were able to clairify so many things, and answer so many questions Ive had.
-Krista from Hamilton Ontario

Almost finished reading All of Me - what an extraordinary career and insight to one of Canada's artistic icons. I could hear Anne telling her story as I read it. Her candor, humour and story-telling ability makes this a must read for both fans and Canadians. Some star write memoirs way before they should, I am so pleased Anne waited and we get to read abour her career from the beginning to her accomplishments after 4 decades. I have read many biographies through the years, and this one is not the overview most provide.
It's really another gift from Anne that tells us about the music industry, her highs and lows and illustrates how much she gave up personally to sing. It's wonderful to see her and her family happy now and that she now has time to enjoy other pursuits. I wish Anne was coming to Victoria for a book signing!!!!!!!!!! With ferry schedules, getting to Vancouver won't be possible. A terrific book, well written, I thoroughly enjoyed it and its going to make a wonderful Christmas gift for a few people. Thanks Anne for sharing your story!
- Paul from Victoria

"All of Me" takes you on an extraordinary journey through the life and times of Morna Anne Murray. You will laugh and you will cry. For those of you who think that the life of a songbird comes without effort, risk, or sacrifice, prepare to develop a whole new appreciation for her accomplishments. You will learn that the road to success has many twists and turns as well as highs and lows. While Anne is appreciative of the opportunities afforded her, it did come at a price. Whether you're an Anne fan or just curious about what it takes to survive in the music business, this book is a must read. As always when it comes to Anne, be prepared to be entertained.
- Joanne from Saranac, N.Y.